Review Policy

If you are a publisher/author/other looking for me to review your book, please read my Review Policy and if your books fits contact me at:

Books I will accept for review:

[Kindle books or Physical Books]

Young-Adult Fiction (all genres)
Teenage Fiction (all genres)
New Adult (all genres)

Books I don't accept:
Adult Fiction
Unpublished Novels
Indie Novels
Non-Fiction Books
Religious Books
Erotic Novels

I do not accept compensation from my reviews. My reviews are 100% honest.

When accepting and reviewing a review book, I will always mention where I received the book from.
My reviews will first be posted on my blog and I will also post a review on my youtube channel (

I always try my best to finish all the books I start reading, but if I unfortunately cannot finish the review book there won't be a review up. I will let you know if this happens.

I rate the books I read on goodreads and use a five star rating system on my blog:

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