12 December 2012

REVIEW: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Series: Mara Dyer #1
Publisher: Simon Pulse UK
Publication Date: March 1st 2012
Source: Bought

Mara Dyer doesn’t think life can get any stranger. She wakes from a coma in hospital with no memory of how she got there or of the bizarre accident that caused the deaths of her best friends and her boyfriend, yet left her mysteriously unharmed. The doctors suggest that starting over in a new city, a new school, would be good for her and just to let the memories gradually come back on their own.

But Mara’s new start is anything but comforting. She sees the faces of her dead friends everywhere, and when she suddenly begins to see other people’s deaths right before they happen, Mara wonders whether she’s going crazy! And if dealing with all this wasn’t enough, Noah Shaw, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen can’t seem to leave her alone… but as her life unravels around her, Mara can’t help but wonder if Noah has another agenda altogether…

OH MY FREAKIN' GOD! THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME! I just finished reading this like, 5 minutes ago and now I have no idea what to do! I just want to read the second book! But it's not out in paperback until February 28th! I can't wait that long!
OK, so I should probably start the review now!

So wow, wow, wow! Is basically what comes to mind when I think about this book. I expected it to be really good, but it blew my mind! I can't believe how brilliant it was. I loved Mara. She was so funny and likable and I just wanted to learn more about her and what happened when her friends were killed. I also LOVED Noah. Omg, Noah. At first, I didn't know whether I should like him or not, but all reasoning went out of the window when he stuck up for Mara. Noah's sarcastic, funny and extremely dirty minded, and he had me laughing when he told Mara that Curious George had been such a naughty monkey. Seriously, he was such an amazing character and I don't think I would have enjoyed the book as much as I did if he hadn't been in it.

I was really sad when Jamie left the story. I really liked Jamie, I thought he would have been a good friend for Mara (even if he did try to convince her to break it off with Noah).
The whole hallucinations part of the story was really interesting! I found myself wondering if Mara had really experienced some of the things in the book, or if she had just imagined it. I got really into this story and then the ending happened and everything just blew up in my face! And I was like 'No. Freakin'. Way!'

And then the ending! OHMYGOD! I was honestly freaking out because I have no idea whether what Mara saw was real or whether it was a hallucination! I need the next book because I'm pretty sure it's going to get even crazier!

This whole story had me engrossed the minute I started reading it. I picked this book up at about 8am this morning and it's just after 12pm. I'd only read about 50 pages before I picked it up today, but I managed to read the rest of the book in under 4 hours because it had me hooked. The story line was so intriguing and different to anything I've read this year.

I'm so glad I decided to pick this book up after hearing all the amazing reviews, and I completely agree with them. I thought this book was brilliant, different and extremely hard to put down because it was that awesome! Everyone should seriously pick up this book. It was just that good. I'm definitely going to be recommending this book to all of my friends.  I can't believe I have to wait until the 28th of February to find out what happens! Why must you torture me?!


  1. I loved this book too! I can't wait to read the next one. It is at the very top of my wishlist! The ending had my jaw hitting the floor!

    1. I had the exact same reaction! I was like 'How is that possible?!'
      It's at the top of my wishlist as well now :)