1 January 2016

Top 10 Books of 2015

Hello everyone! I know 2015 has been a super quiet year on my blog, but that's mostly due to the fact that I had to find a new job - which I did - and I also moved out at the end of October which was extremely stressful, but I'm finally beginning to feel settled now. 2015 has actually been a pretty good year for me, despite the fact that I didn't read as many books as I usually do. I went to Rome, starting working for Thomas Cook, moved out and saw some pretty amazing movies. So all in all, 2015 was a great year.

So, let's get down to my favourite books of 2015!
10. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han
Peter K and Lara Jean <3
9. Chasing River by K. A. Tucker
I completely adored this full series, but Amber and River's story was by far my favourite
8. The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand
This was such a heartbreaking book and hit close to home for me
7. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
I'm still undecided about how I feel about QoS, but there's no denying that it was magnificent

6. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
SIMON AND BAZ! I feel like I need more
5. Winter by Marissa Meyer
IT'S OVER! I'm still in mourning
4. Built by Jay Crownover
My favourite Jay Crownover novel yet! Zeb makes me want to sob
3. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
Tamlin and Feyre! And oh my god the HEAT in this book *fans self*
2. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Red Queen was an AMAZING start to what I'm pretty sure is going to be one of my all time favourite series! Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria Aveyard this year and she's super sweet and funny.
1. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
Simon and Blue ruled my year. Their relationship was adorable and made my heart melt. I can't stop gushing about this book!

So those were the top 10 books I read this year. Let me know in the comments whether you read and loved and of the books on my list, and also let me know what your favourite book of 2015 was! I'm definitely going to be trying to work more on my blog in 2016, so although I probably won't be posting regularly to begin with, I'll definitely be back!


  1. You had a super awesome 2015. Some great life changes for you! :D
    We definitely have some of the same top reads from 2015. But first off, you've read Built?! Ah!!! Are you on the blog tour? Okay obviously I'm envious. Haha! :D
    I bought the first three books in that K.A. Tucker series. So I will be binging them soon time.
    Two Simon's that made impacts in our life this year. The year of the Simons!
    2015 will be the first year in four years that Maas doesn't have a place in my top reads. I just can't give QoS the space. If I'm really honest with myself it's at best a 3.5* for me. I'm not over how angry I am over Aelin, Chaol and just a lot of things. :(
    Winter is bae. I can't wait for Stars Above next month. Apparently there will be an extended epilogue in there! AH!!!
    And I will get to Red Queen sometime this winter. Probably around the time that the sequel is released. :)

    1. It was super, super busy! Built was amazing! I'm not on the blog tour, but I got sent a copy!
      OH MY GOD THE K A TUCKER SERIES IS AMAZING. I actually can't wait for you to read it. You definitely HAVE to get to Red Queen ASAP! I'm dying to get my hands on Glass Sword!

  2. I put ACOTAR in my top three too! I really need to start the Lunar Chronicles! I meant to start it this year but I never got around to it :( Awesome post! :)

    1. The Lunar Chronicles are amazing! You're going to absolutely love them! Hopefully you'll get around to it this year! Thanks :D

  3. Moving does take such a toll of your time for sure!! I moved in May and I'm still sorting stuff left, right & center! BUT YAY for an awesome year and many books!

    1. It really does! You constantly find stuff that you've forgotten to unpack. And furniture, bills and whatnot are so stressful!