19 March 2013

Review: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3)
by Cassandra Clare

If the only way to save the world was to destroy what you loved most, would you do it?

The clock is ticking. Everyone must choose.

Passion. Power. Secrets. Enchantment.

Wow. I haven't cried this much at a book since I read The Deathly Hallows. I had so many different emotions throughout this book, it was just fantastically perfect and it was more than I could have ever hoped for.
I was at a loss for words when I finished this book. I just couldn't believe that the story of these characters was over. I've grown to love the characters in this series and I didn't want to let them go. I was also slightly in shock from the ending of this book. I just couldn't believe how perfect it was. It was nothing like what I expected, but it was the most perfect ending I could have ever hoped for. 

I love every single character in this series. I also grew to love some new characters in this book, like Gideon & Gabriel Lightwood and Cecily Herondale.

Tessa is one of my favourite characters. She's determined, strong and extremely kind hearted. She's so easy to connect with. She's changed throughout the series and turned into such a strong character. She's been through a hell of a lot (definitely more than nearly anyone else in this book) and she's always managed to stay strong and be herself.

Will and Jem are just, fantastic characters. I love them both. All the way throughout Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince I was Team Will. But in this book, I just couldn't bare the thought of Tessa and Jem not being together. I grew to love both of these characters (like Tessa did) and I loved them for different reasons. Will is headstrong, but he has such a kind heart and he's always determined to protect the people he loves - even at the cost of his own happiness.
Jem on the other hand, is more collected and calm but he's also willing to protect the people he loves, he's just not as rash as Will. Both of these characters compliment each other and they're so close to each other they're basically brothers. I've loved seeing the development in their relationship throughout the series.

Charlotte and Henry were fantastic characters. They're complete opposites, but they're just so perfect for each other. And after everything that happened in this book, their relationship is stronger than ever.

Gideon and Gabriel Lightwood are two characters I never thought I would love, but after reading Clockwork Princess, I realised that I'd never actually seen the real Lightwoods. I was so happy I got the chance to see what they're really like (even if something horrible had to happen to them for them to change), but I enjoyed seeing them become their own people instead of being led by their father. Clockwork Princess wouldn't have been the same without them.

Cecily was just fantastic as well. She was badass and I just absolutely loved her!

I loved seeing more of Magnus as well. Seeing him in the Infernal Devices explains a lot about who he is in The Mortal Instruments. 

From the second I started reading this book, I was hooked. This was definitely the best book of the series. I cried a lot at this book. There were so many heartbreaking moments and so many moments of pure joy that I just couldn't hold back my tears.

The action in this book was spectacular. The Infernal Devices were savage in this book and the fight scenes that involved them were brilliant.
The whole story line with Charlotte and the Consul was brilliant as well. Gideon and Gabriel played their parts perfectly and I'm so glad he got what was coming to him at the end.
There were two massive twists for me in this book that I never saw coming: One that involved Tessa and one that involved Jem. The one with Jem was the one that shocked me the most. I just didn't ever consider it until it happened, and then the pieces just started to fit together. 

The epilogue was the hardest part of the book for me. I cried from the beginning of it to the end (sad and happy tears). There was so much that happened and I'm tearing up again just thinking about it. The ending was perfect, more than I could have ever hoped for. I'm so distraught at saying goodbye to these characters that it's taken me about 2 hours to write this review. 
Even though I only started this series last year, it's my favourite series of all time now. All of these characters as close to my heart and I know they always will be. 

I wanted to say a lot more about the story line of this book book, but anything else I wrote had a whole load of spoilers in it, and I didnn't want to put spoilers in this review. I just have so many feelings about this book that I really need someone to talk to about this book! If you've read Clockwork Princess, please email me (samanthathebookworm@hotmail.com) or tweet me (@SamanthasBooks) because I desperately need to talk to someone!
If you haven't read this series, I cannot recommend it more. It's the best series I have ever read and I will definitely read it over and over again.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm away to go and cry some more.


  1. Aww! *hands you a box of tissues* I always wanted to start reading the Infernal Devices series, but after seeing the damage it did to you, now I want to read it even MORE (as bizarre as that sounds). I love books that make you feel invested, and there's no costlier investment than tears. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Clockwork Princess, Samantha! *hug!*

    1. I honestly can't recommend this series more. This book was so much better than anything I ever imagined. You should definitely pick it up at some point :)
      Thank you!!

  2. I'm with you girl! I hate coming to the end of a series I'm so invested in, and I just want to go live in that world or be Tessa with these hot Shadowhunters! The ending was perfect and unexpected and leaves that open-ending where I want her to write more, but I also just want to let the happy ending be! It made me want to re-read TMI to go back and pay more attention to a certain Silent Brother more. It will make him so much deeper now in that series! And it just comes full circle! I love these books!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I want her to write more, but on the other hand, I just want to keep imagining that perfect ending and leave it be. I will definitely be doing that later this year, I can't believe I never even considered it! It does, he's just the most amazing character ever. :)

  3. Maybe we'll meet them again in her next series! I would be really happy with that... just having them pop in to those modern day books to make sure they are still happy!

    1. Yeah, I'd really love that too! :)
      I think Cassie mentioned that one of the characters from TID would pop up in her new series, but she never said which one.

  4. She confirmed that Tessa is "the lady in white" that Magnus was talking to in the woods in the Epilogue of City of Glass... but I went back and re-read it... it was a very slight nod to Tessa... lol I would like to see a little more of her story intertwined into the new series maybe or even just a bit in CoHF. Either way, I'm still getting over the end of this series, yearning for more Will and Jem! lol I've been searching the web for ideas of who they should cast for TID movie!! I really hope it's made, and I want to see everything come alive!

    1. I know! I'm hoping she'll be in CoHF! I want more of them too! I don't know what I'm going to do now.
      I really really want them to make the movies!! They'd be awesome!

  5. I know exactly how you feel! I've been surfing the blogosphere for reviews of this so I can see how everyone else dealt with Clockwork Princess and I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the emotional boat! I'll email you soon:)
    New follower!
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

    1. Yes! I'm dying to talk to someone about this book! It's been 4 days since I finished it and I'm still not over it!
      Thank you for following! :)

  6. I'm glad you liked this book so much. I didn't do much for me, I expected something completely different. But I'm happy you got your way of ending the story. :)

    1. I just thought the way she ended it was superb. I never expected a happy ending in a Cassandra Clare book, but I'm so glad that there was one. I just can't think of a better way the series could have ended.