27 March 2013

Review: Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1)
by Veronica Rossi


Aria has lived her whole life in the protected dome of Reverie. Her entire world confined to its spaces, she's never thought to dream of what lies beyond its doors. So when her mother goes missing, Aria knows her chances of surviving in the outer wasteland long enough to find her are slim.
Then Aria meets an outsider named Perry. He's searching for someone too. He's also wild - a savage - but might be her best hope at staying alive.
If they can survive, they are each other's best hope for finding answers.

So this was the YABBC choice for March, and I'm so glad that it was. I'd been dying to read this book for ages and I'm so happy that I got around to reading it! I tried my hardest to read this slowly and try to pace myself throughout the month, but it didn't really work and I finished it within the first week of March because I got so sucked into the story that I didn't want to stop reading.

OK, so this series is now one of my favourites! The world, the writing & the characters were all fantastic and I just loved it.

I really enjoyed how the story kept flipping between Aria and Perry because it allowed me to gain an understanding of both sides of the world in this book - the people in reverie and the people who live on the outside - and I liked seeing the differences between the people and how they live.

I had an instant connection with Aria right from the first chapter. She was likable, smart but she was very naive to start with. She grew and developed throughout the book and became a strong, independent character who knew exactly what she was doing. She adapted extremely quickly to her situation and made the most of it.

Perry was just, urgh! I'm in love with him. He was just so perfect! Being an outsider meant that Perry was strong and tough, he also had to learn to take care of people which was such an amazing quality. He was so invested in saving his family and looking after his nephew Talon and I just loved seeing that side of him.

So Perry and Aria annoyed me throughout this book because I was determined that they were going to get together. They hated each other so much, but there was definite chemistry between them and I found myself shouting 'JUST KISS ALREADY!' quite a lot! 

Roar was another one of my favourite characters. He was sarcastic, funny and just so kind and sweet. He always found a way to throw some sly little comment in that would irritate Perry or say something that was just absolutely hilarious. He had me smiling all the time.

I'm really curious about Cinder's character. I'm not sure what to think of him yet, he seems to be really dangerous, shy and unpredictable. Hopefully he'll be in the second book and I'll get to see some development with his character.

I'm also really curious about Lumina - Aria's mother - and I'm really looking forward to finding out more about her.

I found the fact that a lot of the outsiders had a power very intriguing. Like, some of them were Audibles - which meant that their hearing was fantastic, or Scires - can smell peoples tempers, there were a few other powers and I'm sure that there are ones that haven't been described yet but I'm looking forward to finding out more about them!

There was a slight twist in this book that involved Aria that I'd never even considered and it was superb. I never saw it coming, but when I found out, I realised that it made sense and I found myself wondering why I had never thought about it.

I loved getting to discover both of the different places in this world - Reverie & the outside. Reverie was created when the world started being subjected to cosmic storms that destroyed the Earth, and Reverie was created as an escape for humans to allow them to live. In Reverie, the babies that are born are genetically enhanced and allows the parents to make their children how they want them. In Reverie, people wear eye devices that allow them to travel to different realms which were created to allow people to choose any place they want and be able to go there - like virtual reality. 
However, on the outside, there are groups of people battling to save their land against the Aether (cosmic storm) which threatens to destroy the Earth. They have to constantly find a way to get more food because the food supply is running low and they keep having to re-build their territories as the Aether destroys them. 

Everything about this book was fantastic and beautifully written that I just instantly fell in love with it, which is why I gave this book:
I started reading Through the Ever Night straight after this book because I just didn't want to stop reading about these characters! My review for the second book will be up tomorrow! I highly recommend starting this series if you haven't already because it was just absolutely fantastic!


  1. I am also hoping we find out more about Lumina and Cinder. I'm still undecided on whether or not Lumina is a good person. I agree with you about Perry, he was so perfect! I mean, he was flawed-and THAT made him perfect. Great review! Thanks for linking up and participating in the club this month!

    1. They're such interesting characters. They really intrigued me throughout the whole book. He was perfect. His flaws made him more perfect to me. Thank you! I really enjoyed participating this month. I would do it next month, but I re-read Beautiful Creatures near the end of last year and I'm not really up to re-reading it again so soon after the last time. But I'm looking forward to May! :)

  2. I really liked the dual POV between Perry and Aria too. I also loved Roar! I didn't quite feel the connection with Aria that I would like but it is much better in the second book. I felt the connection with Perry much more and I loved him! I was surprised by the twist with Aria too and I liked that the author added that in there. I admittedly couldn't stop reading once I started and finished within a couple of days.

    1. It was easier to get to know the both of them through the dual POV, and to understand both of their situations. Roar is probably my favourite character. Me either, I had it finished in a couple of days.

  3. I always love the cover of this book. Plus it's one of my fave series. Roar and Perry! :D Cool review.


    1. Me too! I love all of the covers for this series.
      Thank you! :D

  4. I've had this book on my shelf for a while now, I really need to get to it soon :) Glad you like it so much!

    1. It was much better than I was expecting it to be, and it was quite different from a lot of dystopians. :)

  5. I felt like we knew more about the outside, I wanted to see more of Aria's world not just from her thoughts. I also love Perry, he is just perfect. Roar did bring a funny side to their relationship.

    1. I was happy with what we got to see of Aria's world, it just made me more excited to learn more anout it. He is! Roar was perfect too :)