26 June 2013

Debut-A-Thon [Goals & Updates]

And the Debut-a-thon has officially started! Well, it has for us people here in the UK. I know there's some lucky people out there who've been doing the read-a-thon for a while now, and now I can finally start!

So like I said in my sign up post, I'm aiming to read 2 books!
1. Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts
2. Splintered by A G Howard

And if I somehow manage to get both of these finished, I will also be picking up Geek Girl by Holly Smale.

So I'm off to start my first book of the Debut-a-thon! 
[I'll probably only get 1 chapter finished though before I end up falling asleep]


Day 1: Thursday
No. of books finished: 1
Books read: Splintered, Tumble & Fall
No. of pages [percentage] read: Splintered - 371, Tumble & Fall - 51: 422 pages

Day 2: Friday
No. of books finished: 1
Books read: Tumble & Fall & Geek Girl
No. of pages [percentage] read: Tumble & Fall - 321, Geek Girl - 60%: 535 pages

Day 3: Saturday
No. of books finished: 1
Books read: Geek Girl, After Eden
No. of pages [percentage] read: Geek Girl - 40%, After Eden - 29%: 226 pages

Day 4: Sunday
No. of books finished: 1
Books read: After Eden
No. of pages [percentage] read: After Eden - 71%: 205 pages

Overall progress
No. of books read: 4
Books read: Splintered, Tumble & Fall, Geek Girl & After Eden
No. of pages read: 1388 pages

I had so much fun taking part in this read-a-thon! I finally got around to reading books I didn't think I'd ever get around to. And I actually managed to read more than I'd actually expected, so I'm really happy with that :)


Challenge #1: Unscramble That Debut
[highlight for answers] 
1. If You Find Me
2. Altered
3. Pivot Point
4. Arclight [this one took me forever to get!]
5. Poison
6. Splintered
7. The Elites [as did this one]

Challenge #2: Pair That Debut
So right now I'm currently reading Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts which follows 3 teenagers in the run up to a meteor hitting the Earth. I've been thinking and looking for about an hour for a song for this and I kept coming back to one song. I was mainly trying to find another song because I'm not a massive fan of this artist or this song, but I just couldn't get it out of my head so I'm just going to go with it. 

Challenge #4: Solve That Debut
[highlight for answers]
1. The Nightmare Affair
2. City of a Thousand Dolls
3. In the After [this one actually took me forever!]
4. The Rules for Disappearing
5. Pretty Girl Thirteen

Good luck everyone :D


  1. Splintered is fun! And I just couldn't figure out number 7. So hard!


    1. It was! I just finished it there and I really enjoyed it :)
      It took me forever! I ended up looking through 2013 debut lists because I just couldn't get it!

  2. Great job! I totally didn't get most of those.

  3. Lots of people a reading Splintered! I'm kind of sad I didn't choose to read it. Oh well, I'll read it soon! You've done great so far and I wish you the best of luck for the next few days. I hope you can participate in the Day 2 Challenge that I'm hosting. I'll also be hosting Day 3 tomorrow!
    Pair That Debut Challenge #2
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

    1. It's really good! You should definitely read it soon :)

    2. I feel so bad that you had to search for a whole hour! You really didn't have to because it's just for fun. Either, Skyfall is definitely one of the best songs ever and a meteor hitting the Earth definitely fits the song. Good luck with the challenge! And about Ink, it's a good book but it took me awhile to get used to the setting in Japan. By the end, I was absolutely in love, definitely check it out!

    3. I really wanted to do it though! And I enjoyed looking through a lot of songs :)
      I'll definitely make sure to check it out soon then :)

  4. Replies
    1. I'm not a massive Adele fan, but I think she's alright.

  5. I'm so happy that you found the challenges challenging! I was worried that #1 would be too easy. Is it bad to say that I'm glad you struggled over a couple of them? XD Teehee.

    LOVE Adele!

    1. I love that they're so challenging! There was no way the first challenge was going to be easy, some of them were really difficult! It took me ages to get Splintered and I was sitting with it right in front of me!
      I'm not a massive fan of her, but I think she's alright :)