17 June 2013

Tragic by J A Huss

[17+ Contains Mature Content]
Tragic (Rook and Ronin #1)
by J A Huss

Rook Walsh is TRAGIC

Because life so far – just sucks. Some girls get parents. Rook got the foster care system. Some girls get Prince Charming. Rook got an abusive frog. Some girls get lucky…

Rook got a second chance.
And she took it. Because when fate throws you a bone – you grab it with both hands and run.

Antoine Chaput knows the minute he spies Rook in his photography studio that she’s got The Look. The dark and desperate look he must have to land the exclusive TRAGIC media contract.

Rook is paired up with top model, Ronin, and he’s everything her abusive ex-boyfriend wasn’t. Patient, gentle, happy, attentive, and sexy! He knows exactly what to do to make Rook blush for Antoine’s camera.

Rook’s luck changes in an instant and suddenly she’s the darling of the modeling world. It’s a dream job to go with a dream guy and all she has to do is look pretty and follow directions. But there’s always a price to pay – and Rook is about to get the bill.

So I'd been in kind of a reading slump ever since I finished That Summer by Sarah Dessen and I just couldn't concentrate on anything. So I thought, why no pick up a new adult book since they always seem to get me out of my slump. I decided to go with Tragic by J A Huss (It was only £0.74 on amazon and I'd heard a lot of great things about it).
I was hooked straight away. I was drawn in by Rook's situation and I wanted to know what she was going to do and what was going to happen to her.

I've never read a book about modelling before, so I was really intrigued by that. The modelling, however, was erotic modelling - which means that the shoots are extremely sexual, but tasteful.

Rook has been through a hell of a lot in her nineteen years. Her mother was a crack addict and she been shifted from foster home to foster home, never finding a real family. And then her ex came along and Rook thought she was getting her happy ending, until he beat her. So Rook ran away. She was homeless and jobless when the opportunity to model hit her on the head (literally). I was so happy for Rook when she got this chance. I had my fingers crossed for her because I really wanted to see her happy. She's such a strong, independent character. She does have trust issues - but she's allowed to after what happened to her - but I just really connected with her character. I wanted something good for her.

Enter Ronin. Ronin is cocky, slightly controlling, sweet, sexy and just bloody amazing! I fell in love with his charcter straight away. Ronin had had a tough past as well, but he and his family are in a good place now. Ronin took an instant liking to Rook and I was impatiently waiting for them to just get together already!
Even though they got together after like 5-6 days, I honestly don't give a shit. Their scenes together were sizzling with heat and they just had so much chemistry it was unbelievable. 

The modelling scenes between Rook and Ronin for the TRAGIC shoot were so sexy. Seriously, there was one scene when they were modelling that Ronin almost gave Rook and orgasm. It was so steamy!
They were always having to make out and undress each other. And their attraction to each other just grew and grew.

I really loved that we got the dual narrative in this book. I loved hearing from both Rook and Ronin and hearing how they both felt about each other and what they were thinking.

I'm SO excited for the second book Manic which should be coming out in August this year!

If you're a fan of New Adult and are looking for some new recommendations, I definitely recommend reading Tragic. It's such an amazing, quick read that you'll easily fall in love with.


  1. Love it! Thank you Samantha! :)

  2. I am reading it now and I like it. I was at a really steamy part when Rook and Ronin are on the terrace and he almost brings her to an orgasm. Man, that was hot.

    1. OMG! That part <3
      They have some serious chemistry. All their scenes are hot, but that was definitely the hottest one!!