7 September 2014

Showcase Sunday #81

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. This meme allows book bloggers to show off the books they collected over the last week.

Hello everyone! This weeks Showcase Sunday is a pretty small one because I'm still trying to stick to not buying tons of books, and I didn't! I only bought one - which I actually didn't intend on buying and then I saw it and just had to have it. I also got a book from Netgalley and a sneak peek of a book I'm dying to get my hands on!

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J. K. Rowling
I couldn't not buy this when I saw it in Waterstones. The covers are even more beautiful in person and I had to have the hardcover edition! I'm going to collect them all in hardcover and I might get the paperback ones as well. I just love them so much and there's a map!

I'd actually picked A Little Something Different up in Waterstones and made myself put it back down, and then I came home and saw it was on Netgalley and I was extremely excited. And then I came across a sneak peek for My True Love Gave to Me which made me jump around, and the two sneak stories are by Stephanie Perkins & Rainbow Rowell! How much more awesome could the sneak peek be?
Massive thank you to Macmillan Children's Books!

What books did you get this week?


  1. I LOVE THE MAP. I seriously need those books, but.. I can't for now. A little something different is supposed to be really cute. I'm still curious to see how she pulls off all those POV's :D Happy reading!

  2. That edition of Harry Potter is absolutely beautiful! I'm in the US and unfortunately I don't like our cover redesigns as much as yours. A Little Something Different was such an adorable read, and My True Love Gave To Me looks great. There are so many amazing authors in it! :)

    -Emily @ Books & Cleverness

  3. What the what! That is effing gorgeous. I was going to wait and see what the box set looks like(like is the box as beautiful as last years US re-release? Because if it is I need it that way. I love my box set. I stare at all the time). But I can't find a picture to see... I also don't know if I can hold off. I need those books in my life. OH MY. Their going to do this every year, aren't they? I'm not complaining about having multiple editions. But I'm poor. :P
    Haha! I just bought A Little Something Different last night. I didn't expect to see it in my book store and than I couldn't leave without it. <3 It's a beautiful cover, too.
    Oh, jealous! I don't see that on NG. But it doesn't matter it's the UK cover, so I'll be denied. I'll just be jealous on your early sneak peak. :)

  4. Love that Harry Potter. It's so pretty. Got to love books with Maps in them. Great stack of books this week.

    Grace @ Books of Love