8 December 2014


Week long readathon hosted by Amber @ Books of Amber
So the debutathon has kicked off! I planned on staying up and starting at midnight, but I was waaaaay too tired, so I'm up early to get started before I go out! This post is going to be my main post throughout the whole of the debutathon. 

First of all, lets start with my TBR for the debutathon! I'm aiming for about 4 - 5 books which I'll hopefully be able to do. 
These are the main 3 that I definitely want to read:
The Murder Complex (The Murder Complex #1) by Lindsay Cummings
The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #1) by Erika Johansen
Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis

I've got a huge list of 26 debut books to choose from on my Goodreads so I've got quite a big selection to choose from this year!


No. of books read: 1 (The Queen of the Tearling)
No. of pages read: 25 pages
Busy, busy day on Monday so it's a miracle I actually got any reading done at all!

No. of books read: 1 (The Queen of the Tearling)
No. of pages read: 16 pages
Major slump alert. I can't get into anything right now. I can see myself failing at this readathon.

No. of books read: 1 (The Art of Lainey - finished!)
No. of pages read: 384 pages
The Art of Lainey counts right? Since it's the first book Stokes has published under her real name? Yes? I'm counting it.

No. of books read: 1 (17 First Kisses - finished!)
No. of pages read: 304 pages
Today I got off to a good start and managed to get through my second book quite quickly! And then I got tired of reading and started watching TV Shows. The downward spiral has begun.

No. of books read: 0
No. of pages read: 0
Busy day, no time to read.

No. of books read: 1 (The Murder Complex)
No. of pages read: 38%

No. of books read: 1 (The Murder Complex)
No. of pages read: 6%
Read a lot less than I thought I would. But then again, I was a lot busier than I expected.

Wrap Up
Total no. of books read: 3 (The Art of Lainey, 17 Kisses & The Murder Complex)
Total no. of books finished: 2 (The Art of Lainey & 17 Kisses)
Total no. of pages read: 564 pages
So although I never finished the 3 books I wanted to read, and never reached my goal of 4 books, I'm pretty happy with my progress! Especially since I hadn't read a single book the week before!

Let me know in the comments how you got on with the Debutathon!


  1. Hmmm, I keep on thinking of adding the Queen of the Tearling to my wish list... I hope you'll do great on your debutathon! I'll wait for your review of Queen!

    1. That's if I ever manage to get through it! Every time I pick it up I just can't get in the mood to read it - which is sad since I'm sure I'll love it.

  2. GOOD LUCK! Definitely need to read more debut authors. I wonder how I actually did this year. I should look into it...
    I still have to read both The Murder Complex and The Queen of the Tearling. So I will definitely be on the lookout for your reviews. :)

    1. I think I've done pretty well with debut authors. I think anyways, I'm probably wrong!
      I'm HOPEFULLY going to be reading The Murder Complex next, but we'll see. I just can't get into the mood for The Queen of the Tearling :(