6 February 2015

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting
Series: Clipped Wings #1
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: March 4th 2014
Source: Bought

Hayden Stryker is a devastatingly handsome tattoo artist. Covered in ink and steel, his artwork acts as armour while he attempts to move on from a world-shattering loss.

Twenty-one-year-old Tenley Page is new to town and battling demons of her own. The chemistry between the two is instant and unlike anything they've ever experienced before.

When Hayden agrees to apply his art to Tenley's skin, the pair embark on an emotional and intense relationship that neither could have anticipated. But as Tenley's past threatens to destroy their fragile romance, Hayden must find a balance between his desire to protect her and his need to claim her as his.

Clipped Wings is one of the books that Brittany recommended me for our 2015 Challenge and it's the first one I've read for it. Brittany has been telling me to read this one for a while, and now I understand why.

Clipped Wings follows our two main characters, Hayden and Tenley, who both blame themselves for tragic events in their past. Hayden and Tenley can feel the chemistry between them, but Tenley is broken and doesn't want to get close to anyone. That is, until Hayden offers to tattoo her. 

Clipped Wings definitely packs a punch. From Hayden's guilt to Tenley's guilt, there were a lot of gut-wrenching moments. Hayden's event happened over 7 years ago and he still blames himself for it. He was already on a downward spiral, but he got even worse. His friend's saved him before he went too far, but he carriers around a lot of guilt about what happened and what he did. He can be sweet and caring when he wants to be, but usually he's confident, powerful and just a little bit possessive. He's got a bit of OCD after what happened and he has to check every room of a house before he can relax. Tenley's event is a bit more recent, it's only been 11 months. Tenley completely blames herself. She is convinced that it's her fault because it was her idea. And it doesn't help when someone else keeps telling you it is. Tenley is in a very fragile state. She's suffering from nightmares and she can't function some days without her anxiety medication to calm her down. But underneath, Tenley is an extremely strong character. Even though the guilt she puts on herself is unnecessary, she shoulders it and begins to get on with her life. She's funny, shy, adorable and I really liked her character.

The whole story revolves around Hayden and Tenley's relationship. They each have something the other needs, and they try to help each other. It's all about Hayden and Tenley getting to know each other, and their growing chemistry. You could tell there was a spark between them straight away, and they kept denying it. But as soon as they stopped denying it, both Hayden and Tenley started to feel a lot better. They need each other.

The ending was a bit of a shocker, I honestly never thought Tenley would do that. So I'll needed to get my hands on the next book sometime soon to find out what happens with the two of them.

Overall, Clipped Wings is a fantastic NA read. I flew through it and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to get around to it.


  1. :D :D :D <3 <3 <3
    So glad you really enjoyed it. I agree, it's a good fit with the Marked Men series. I guess it's the ink shop.
    I think the sequel does a really good job of bringing their story full circle.

    1. It is! As soon as I started it I was like "I'm getting a Marked Men vibe, I'm going to enjoy this."
      I'll need to try and get to the sequel soon!