12 February 2013

REVIEW: Sister Assassin by Kiersten White

Sister Assassin (Mind Games #1)
by Kiersten White
Release Date: February 19th

She never chose her deadly gift but now she’s forced to use it. How far would you go to protect the only family you have left?

Annie is beset by fleeting strange visions and a guilty conscience. Blind and orphaned, she struggles to care for her feisty younger sister Fia, but things look up when both sisters are offered a place at Kessler School for Exceptional Girls.

Born with flawless intuition, Fia immediately knows that something’s wrong, but bites her tongue… until it’s too late. For Fia is the perfect weapon to carry out criminal plans and there are those at Kessler who will do anything to ensure her co-operation.

With Annie trapped in Kessler’s sinister clutches, instincts keep Fia from killing an innocent guy and everything unravels. Is manipulative James the key to the sisters’ freedom or an even darker prison? And how can Fia atone for the blood on her hands?

I got a copy of this from Netgalley and I was so excited! This book was on my most anticipated books of 2013 list, so I definitely had to read this ASAP. I'm definitely glad that I got this. It was n't as good as I was expecting, but it was still really enjoyable. The story line was interesting and very intriguing. I thought it was very unique and I enjoyed reading it.

Annie was my favourite of the sisters. She was caring and sweet, and she just had such a great vibe about her that I could totally connect with her. 
I never really connected with Fia. Maybe it's because I found her annoying and the fact that she was always depressed. Although I couldn't connect with her, I did feel sorry for her because of the situation she's in and everything she has to do/has done.

I'm still on the fence about James. I'm not sure whether he's going to do Fia any good, or whether he's just going to drag her down with him. I still think Fia would be better off with [spoiler - highlight] Adam.

Finding out what the school used to be like, and then seeing what Keane has done to it was terrible. I can't believe what's he's done and I would really like to see him get what's coming to him (fingers crossed).

Fia's habit of repeating words two or three times started to get on my nerves. I don't need to hear say 'crazy crazy crazy', 'crazy' would do just find. There's no need to repeat it! She does it a lot and, I have to say, Fia is the only thing that really annoyed me about this book. She was constantly getting on my nerves, but I'm hoping that in the second book I'll start to like her more.

I enjoyed that this book was told from Annie & Fia's perspective. There were a lot of flashback scenes and scenes in the present that I started to get slightly confused, but I really liked reading the flashbacks. They gave me a better understanding of the characters.

There was a shock ending and now I really really want the second book to find out what happens! I didn't see it coming at all which was why it was so fantastic.

I gave this book:
I did really enjoy this book, but I wasn't a massive fan of Fia. I'll definitely be buying a physical copy of this book sometime this year (I BOUGHT IT! :D)because I really enjoyed it and I know I'll re-read it at some point. I definitely recommend reading this book. It was enjoyable and the story line was fantastic!


  1. I wasn't sure about this book but your review has got me really interested to read it :)

    1. It's really interesting! I definitely recommend giving it a chance :)