27 January 2013

REVIEW: Vortex by Julie Cross

Vortex (Tempest #2) 
by Julie Cross

Jackson Meyer has thrown himself into his role as an agent for Tempest, the shadowy division of the CIA that handles all time-travel-related threats. Despite his heartbreak at losing the love of his life, Jackson has proved himself to be an excellent agent. However, after an accidental run in with Holly—the girl he altered history to save—Jackson is once again reminded of what he's lost. And when Eyewall, an opposing division of the CIA, emerges, Jackson and his fellow agents not only find themselves under attack, but Jackson begins to discover that the world around him has changed and someone knows about his erased relationship with Holly, putting both their lives at risk all over again.

I absolutely loved this book! I though the first one would be hard to beat, but this one was just as amazing as the first.
I really enjoyed that we got to learn more about Tempest and what the agents do. I wasn't particularly sure what Tempest was in the first book, but I'm glad that it was explained in more detail in this book. I also loved the in-depth explanations about Jackson's timetravelling ability (even if I didn't understand some of the stuff the first time I read it, but reading it again helped me understand it more). And then later on in the book Eileen (the woman who carried Jackson and Courtney) dropped a massive bombshell about the alternate realities! I totally never saw that coming!
There wasn't a lot of romance in this book, due to Jackson erasing the '09 future he had with Holly and now they've never met. But Holly is in this book. She's in it quite a lot and she's (SPOILER) an eyewall agent! I really felt for Jackson in this book. He had to struggle with hiding his feelings for Holly and then dealing with them when she walks back into his life. He's tried so hard to get over her, and he just won't be able to. And then Adam! No! I didn't expect that to happen at all!
I grew more attached to Jenni Stewart in this book as well. We got to see the real Jenni and she became Jackson's friend.
I loved Kendrick (Jackson's partner). She was brilliant and really funny.
And then at the end, there was a massive twist and a HUGE cliffhanger! What's going to happen to Jackson?! There was so much going on in my head at the end of this book! I was wondering if Holly and Jackson would ever be able to get back together, if they'll ever make it out of where they are and if Jackson was going to be OK.
Oh, and someone unexpected turns up at the end of this book and I never saw it coming!
Seriously, this book was was just as amazing as the first! I gave this book:
I can't believe I need to wait until next year to find out what happens!