15 August 2014

Chasing Stars by Helen Douglas

Chasing Stars by Helen Douglas
Series: After Eden #2
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication Date
Source: Netgalley

The boy Eden loves just saved her life. Now she must save his. To do so she must make a huge sacrifice. Eden can never see her friends or family again, as she travels a hundred years into the future. But the dangerous risk Ryan took to rescue Eden has been uncovered, and now Ryan faces an exile ...which will leave Eden separated from him - the one person she can't live without - and stuck in the future. She must fight to save both of them.

The mesmerising sequel to the author's wonderful debut, After Eden.

After reading After Eden last year and enjoying it, I knew I had to get my hands on Chasing Stars and find out what was in store for Eden and Ryan next.

Chasing Stars was a fantastic sequel that I enjoyed just as much as After Eden. Chasing Stars starts off with Eden trying to escape from Travis – who’s trying to kill her – and Ryan travels back in time (illegally) to save her. Eden and Travis find themselves in trouble when someone from the future comes looking for Ryan and brings them both back with her. Ryan is facing some serious charges for travelling back in time to save Eden, so Eden realises it’s now her turn to save Ryan.

I was actually quite excited to get to see Ryan’s future. I loved learning about his world; the foods they ate; what they did for fun and how everything worked. It was fascinating. I also really loved meeting Ryan’s friend Peg. He was so helpful and hilarious and really looked out for Eden.

Eden and Ryan’s relationship is adorably cute and I just wanted everything to work out for them. They’re both really great characters.

I don’t usually like open endings, but it definitely worked for Chasing Stars. There are so many possible opportunities of where Ryan and Eden could end up and I actually found myself happy with it.

Overall, Chasing Stars was a great sequel to After Eden and a great end to the duology.

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